Integratec makes a complex world simpler.

The world of real estate and alternative investment management is complex and multi-dimensional - with many moving pieces.

Data comes and goes, from many disparate sources, with no consistent process. Inefficiencies in existing processes mean opportunities are lost more frequently than realized.

Information often goes dangerously unnoticed - and not acted upon.

Integratec provides fund managers and investors with an opportunity to make the most of the wealth of data that exists for investments. Our software and high-touch services make managing information clear for you. When you can see more of the data in your world - more of the data that you care about - you can make better decisions. Better decisions mean better business. Simple.

We manage the data. You manage the business.

Benefits of Integratec

Asset/Fund Management and Reporting

  • Consolidated data and document storage – comprehensive database
  • Exception reporting and risk management – focus on issues
  • Investor reporting
  • End reliance on excel and lack of controls
  • Ease of report distribution
  • Eliminate ongoing IT burden to build and maintain

Data Collection and Management

  • Better use of investment management talent
  • Introduce processes and controls for data collection, input and management
  • Reduce reliance on manual data entry
  • More accurate and timely receipt of underlying data
  • Scale business with less headcount
  • Result is consistent, complete and normalized data set to support management and reporting

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