What We Do

Integratec supports fund managers and investors in private equity real estate, affordable housing (LIHTC), private equity / venture capital, and real estate loan servicers.

In a complex world with many moving parts, we provide unparalleled asset management and reporting software and a unique means to outsource your non-core data management functions. We let you see more (and more deeply) the information that makes up your business, so you control more of your world.

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How We Do It

Investor Central, our asset management and reporting software, starts with an underlying comprehensive data model and is measured by your ability to store, access and use the data specific to your business and your investors.

Our data management and processing services combine our high touch team with rigorously applied technology and controls. Our services are measured by service level standards, responsiveness and results.

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We've been at this a while, so we know what works. Our processes and technology have continuously improved since we began with our first client in 2002; however, our message and focus have not changed since day one .

Integratec delivers the business impacts and service level standards our clients demand across the more than 10,000 investments for which we manage data and support asset management.

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