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Investor Central

Investor Central is a web-based investment management and reporting / analytical application for real estate and other alternative investments. Investor Central provides:

  • Investment exposure management at the portfolio, fund, fund manager, LP and GP levels
  • Crystal, ad-hoc, and excel based reporting capabilities
  • Support for complex deal structures, capital flows, cash flows and all associated debt types
  • Customizable risk rating and site visit processes
  • Support for full investment life cycle – origination through disposition
  • Integrated financial review and adjustment functionality to support investment analysts
  • Business rule driven variance reporting to support risk management
  • Report distribution portal to deliver reports to external and internal stakeholders
  • Workflow management and process support functionality
  • Normalized database structure that allows flexibility to apply client specific data fields, and business rules
  • Data interface tools built from data management experience with millions of transactions
  • Secure, centralized database for all data and documents
  • Web access, Microsoft SQL database, role based security, audit trails.

Services: Data Management and Software Support

The premise of Integratec’s data management services is to capture the investment data accurately and on-time without dictating formats to the source data provider (general partners, management companies, syndicators, fund managers and accountants).

To support this premise and to maximize risk management, we rely heavily on proprietary advanced data processing systems. We have developed secure, controlled, repeatable processes that receive source data in whatever format available, applies client-defined business rules, logic and validation procedures and creates a consistent output format for upload into Investor Central or our clients’ applications.

Of the 10,000+ investments we support, more than 95% of the source data is captured electronically. We are very familiar with every major real estate G/L software packages and have a library of instructions for source data providers to generate electronic files with minimal effort. As a result:
  • Manual data entry errors are eliminated
  • All source file information (including account numbers and descriptions) are captured and stored in a database and accessible by our clients’ analysts to quickly support their investment management efforts
  • Client rules for data handling are captured, stored in the data processing systems and applied consistently from period to period. Rules include mapping (coding) from source account to client account, annualizing/spreading, and other routine adjustments.
  • Each client’s chart of accounts by asset type is stored in our data processing systems and applied by asset
  • Integratec’s Mapping (coding) application not only stores all mapping rules from each client and by source data provider, but also “learns” from past mappings
  • Client reference data provided is stored in our workflow management system allowing controlled and repeatable application of processing rules
  • Our Workflow system (in the database) tracks all data due, received, in process and transferred to each client. The workflow system is updated automatically based on dates, receipts and throughout the workflow process.
  • Electronic notifications are sent to all source data providers – for both friendly reminders and late notices. The email notifications have proven to significantly shorten the cycle between when information is due and when it is received.
  • Industry leading service level commitment – the number of days from when we receive source data to when it is processed and provided electronically to our clients.

Our Unique Delivery Model

  • Dedicated client service teams that provide ‘high touch’ software support
  • Develop and implement software via a normalized and simplified approach – avoiding complex customizations and increased cost
  • Provide data management services for every client to ensure ongoing validated, complete data set
  • Use data processing systems with controlled, repeatable processes to provide consistent and accurate delivery of high volume tasks
  • Deliver services using centralized US based staff
  • Diverse IT talent that supports each dedicated client service team

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